Installing in Bus Shelters

The images are up in the bus shelters! Ian Jones and I went out today and installed a selection of the postcard images into the 8 bus shelters in the villages:

Barrier Bank, Cowbit x 1

High Road Moulton x 2

High Road Whaplode x 2

Spalding Gate, Pinchbeck that turns into Church Street x 3

Just installed, there’s an interesting contrast between the pristine frames and the graffiti and weather worn interiors of the shelters, which I quite like. Manya and I will be bringing our brooms when we transform 4 of the shelters for the Bus Fayre events next week though…

These images will be up for the month of August, but I’m hoping to leave the frames for the community to use and fill with more creativity in the future. Maybe this could lead to a series of community curated bus shelters….let me know what you think?

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