Cowbit Playing Field, Village Stores and Old Post Office

Spent a few days in Cowbit and headed for the playing field, mentioned by several Brownies and a few local young people as an important meeting place. The village has set up a Playing Field Committee to organise funds, events and improvements, with local children creating designs for new equipment. Thanks to Jonathan and Emily for their help.



Cowbit has been without a shop for a while until Cowbit Village Stores was opened. So many people  – young and old – were full of good things to say, particularly about Colin who serves the villagers every day –  how he made home deliveries after hours to people unable to get out, how he’d slip an extra chocolate bar into your bag when you weren’t looking, how you could still buy sweets for a penny.  “It’s the best shop ever!”

I had to persuade Colin to come out, and take the shot really quick between customers – but I felt it was really important for Colin and the Village Stores be represented in the project – although not the best shot I’ve taken, this image and its story sums up what I wanted this project to be about – celebrating the everyday these villages.


Cowbit Colin



On my visits to Cowbit I’ve tended to always park in the layby on Barrier Bank by the Church, outside the Old Post Office, and this led me to have the pleasure of meeting and talking with Peter and Vivian Higham who live there. They both had some wonderful memories to share. Generations of Peter’s family have lived in the village, working the land and running the post office. Whilst Peter raised livestock on the fields of Cowbit Wash, Vivien dedicated 40 years to the Post Office, serving villagers until retiring in 1991.





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