Popping Up

We had a meeting with the South Lincolnshire Highways Agency who’ve now given permission for Manya and I to go ahead with the Bus Stop Pop Up events in August – which is great news!

The stories I’ve been gathering from local people have inspired us to transform the shelters into mini exhibition spaces.  We’ll be popping up and dressing a bus stop in each of the four villages at the beginning of August, using these public spaces to engage with bus users and villagers about the postcard project and ideas around using buses and bus shelters as spaces for sharing art in the future.

Here’s our schedule for August – hope to see some of you there!

5th  – wooden shelter on Church Street, adjacent to the Bull Inn, Pinchbeck

7th  – brick shelter on High Road, adjacent to Stockwell Gate, Whaplode

8th – wooden shelter on High Road, adjacent to River Lane, Moulton

9th – brick shelter on Barrier Bank, opposite St Mary’s Church, Cowbit

Tots and Carers and Pop Ins

Another great week scooting around The Fens in the sunshine stopping and meeting interesting people along the way… including the Tots and Carers group in Cowbit – big thanks to Allison and Betty for sharing her wonderful memories. Moulton Tots and Carers – thank you to Hendrina, and then popped in to the Pop In across the way at Moulton Community Centre – thanks to Irene and Margaret for their insight and history of the village.

I took the chance to take a few images too – discovering some of the places people have told me about over the past few weeks – a blue field of Flax just outside of Pinchbeck,  the Elloe Stone at Moulton marking the Saxon meeting place of the Court of the Wapentake,  and then I got a bit carried away at Moulton’s historic Harrox Sports Field with its majestic memorial oaks. This ground belonged to Moulton grammer school established in 1562 by local philanthropist John Harrox – it is still in the stewardship of the Harrox Trust today…




Village Visits

Over the last few weeks I’ve spent time meeting up with local groups and getting to know the features of each village. I’ve been asking about what makes their village special to them, with people sharing both personal and social histories along the way. I’ve been using large maps of each location as a starting point for our conversations. Big thank yous go to all those who’ve helped me so far. Have a look at some of the more recent contributions below…

Whaplode: Nicky and Whaplode Youth Club, Janet and the Coffee Pot Group, Lee Morris and Jackie Ford.



Moulton: Anita, Sue and Moulton Cubs, Hayley and Moulton Guides


Cowbit: Carol and Cowbit Brownies, the Cowbit Village Hall Committee


Pinchbeck: George Stringer at the Bulb Museum, Jane and the Pinchbeck Guides and the young man fishing on Two Plank Bridge

In between dashing round South Holland between appointments I’ve had snippets of time to find some of the places people have mentioned and take out my camera. Images include St Mary’s at Whaplode – the oldest church in The Fens;  Whaplode Village Green – the site of Whaplode’s bustling Medieval harbour; poppies and cabbages – the landscape around Whaplode has been transformed as tulip fields have been given over to cattle feed and vegetable crops; Two Plank Bridge over Vernatt’s Drain, Pinchbeck – a local spot for fishing and wild swimming.