Handmade in Moulton

I had a really positive start to the project last Saturday with a visit to the Handmade in Moulton craft fair.

The sky was blue, the ice cream van was shining in the sun and the deck chairs were out. I invited people to help me start gathering information about Moulton using a large map of the village. I had some wonderful conversations, with people sharing facts about the area and their personal stories of living, playing and working in the village that we added to the map throughout the day.

Thanks to Mary and Lauren for their support.

There were tales of proposals at the Eloe Stone, catching tiddlers behind the Church, memorial oak trees on the Moulton Harrox  sports field, VE day celebrations on Broad Lane and speed skating championships on Cowbit Wash.

It was late in the day when we packed up, but I managed a quick scoot around the village with my camera to find the locations of some of these places…


Welcome to the Village Postcard Project online.

This summer community artist Jo Wheeler will be exploring the identity of four villages in South Lincolnshire; Pinchbeck, Whaplode, Moulton and Cowbit.

I’ll be spending time talking with local people about their village, finding out about the folklore, the economy, the history, the landscape, the architecture, the geology, the wildlife and the characters that make each place unique.

In response to these conversations I’ll use photography to create a series of six postcards for every village, selected with the community, to reflect and celebrate the uniqueness of each location.

I’m also keen to use local buses and shelters as spaces to exhibit the images – and with the villages, explore their potential as creative spaces for the future.

You can follow the project’s developments here.

I will be posting images and updates on my progress, and hope that you’ll contribute by sharing your comments, photos and stories too. If you’d like to follow the project’s progress please click on the ‘follow’ tab and you’ll receive an email whenever there’s a new update.

The Village Postcard Project is commissioned by Transported – http://www.transportedart.com – a three-year, community focused programme which aims to get more people in Boston Borough and South Holland enjoying and participating in arts activities. It is funded by the People and Places fund from Arts Council England.

If you’d like to get involved, or just find out more information, please contact Lauren Williams on 07747271824 or email TransportedLauren@litc.org.uk